MICHIGAN EMS MEMORIAL - Ist Annual June 28 - 30, 2013 (see flyer below)


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One of the  most valuable things we can do is leave this place better than we found it for the next generation.



News and Updates!

U of M Survival Flight flew in for our
1st event on Saturday. Hopefully we
can have them back again this year!

Financial News

Those individuals handling any money have been bonded this week. So rest assured any funds that come in will be used for the purposes stated!

T-Shirts & Other Memorabilia

We are working on a vendor to supply us with a variety of items to purchase to help support this great cause. More information really soon!

Help Please!

We need information if you have any on our honorees. With some of them the information is very limited.

Also need pictures of EMS agencies ambulances, supervisor units or rescue vehicles. We want to have as many as possible of them on these pages. Thanks. Send them to: (ttremain@michiganemsmemorial.org)

Note: The pictures of EMS agencies on this site do not constitute their support of the Michigan EMS Memorial unless specifically stated. It is our desire to feature as many agencies as possible on this site as they are all important to us.

The Event Page is Up!

Welcome to the Michigan EMS Memorial Web Site. This website is a tribute to those that gave all doing what they loved to do. A dedication to the men and women of Emergency Medical Services that made the ultimate sacrifice.


 Cheryl Kiefer

Without your inspiration none of this would have ever been possible. Thank you is not enough!





Directions to the Fairgrounds
Click HERE!

To the left is our rendition of our EMS buttons we have available. This is also the t-shirt logo with a small version on the front and large on the back. The buttons are $5, the t-shirts are $15. We also have window decals available for $10. If you would like to pre-order you can use the donate button above and please put in the notes what it is you want and the quantity. Please allow 7 - 14 days for delivery. The proceeds all go towards the EMS Memorial and celebration.

Executive Board

Welcome from the Michigan EMS Memorial Board. Check to the far left and down for news and information. Things are starting to fall into place for the 2nd Annual Michigan EMS Memorial. Still much to do! Still need help / volunteers for set up and during the event. Visit often, from our CFO Jerry McCoy has said, "Starting to take off like a fire in a wheat field!"

  Michigan EMS Memorial Flyer

The new flyer will be up soon! Plans are well under way for the 2nd Annual Michigan EMS Memorial Weekend! Stay Tuned!

The Signal Point Band has agreed to return for our 2nd year!
We are excited to welcome them back!

It will be June 27th, 28th and 29th.

Michigan EMS Memorial Window Decals



We have come a long way!

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